Patimat Abdulbasirova - Reaching | Video premiere 2022

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Patimat Abdulbasirova presents a poignant video for the song “Reaching” about the endless and painful wait for reciprocal love



Channel post date: 2022-10-18 15:00:26
Video length: 00:03:25
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV


  1. It seems that you have the best music channel on YouTube. Separately, I want to thank you for your work. If you can, don't stop and keep releasing new clips for us. Thank you for being you!
    Hello! My name is Nastya, I'm 16 years old, I'm from the village of Petrovskoe, Omsk region, I'm in grade 9A "excellent student", I live with my grandmother, in a small old house with a plot. This year we managed to grow a good harvest with her, some of them were sold on the road, part of it was prepared for the winter. I don’t have a father, I know him only from photographs and stories, my mother constantly drinks. The last time I was at her place, I was very scared of the fights of her friends, packed my things and moved to my grandmother, we have been living together for the second year already, she is calm with me, she will pass on her knowledge, teaches me everything, she replaced everyone for me, thanks to her for everything. I dream of building a house for her, with heating and a toilet. The older, the more difficult it is to cope with the household, my joints constantly hurt, and water from a well, a toilet on the street, and firewood needs to be brought, now I help her, but soon I will need to move to the city for going to college. I can’t imagine how she will live without me. We went to the forestry with her, got registered on a forest plot for the construction of a private house. and help us. I opened an account for savings, here is the Sberbank card number 2202 2036 4262 6230 Any, even a small amount, will help to save up for the construction of a house. Also, you can subscribe to my channel, in the spring I will post the construction progress! Thank you all for your help, I believe that together we will succeed!


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