Pierre Narcissus and David Divad recorded a duet

The participant of the TV show “Star Factory-2”, a popular artist Pierre Narcissus, whose memorable voice and tremendous charisma won the love of the Russian and foreign public long ago, recorded a duet song with the famous author and performer David Divad.

“Happiness is around” - this is the name of the joint project of artists, David wrote it. Even before they met Narcissus in person, they knew and appreciated each other's musical talents very much, and having met recently at Forcerecords studio, at the legendary rapper N`Pans, they decided to record a duet in the same place.

“I showed Narcissus a couple of my compositions,” says David, “and he both liked them at once. We chose “Happiness Around” for the duet because it is a very kind song, warm. Such words that are sung in it can be addressed with love to mother, beloved woman, sister, daughter. Hear yourself understand! Before that, Narcissus had no songs in this direction, he is also interested in trying himself in this. Of course, this is not our last joint project, there are big plans for the future ahead! ”

At the moment, a new song in the process of mixing, fans of both artists are looking forward to when the track will be released. We will keep you informed, stay tuned and do not miss the new product!