Recording studio "Petrucho music", directed by Rifat Bagaudin (#BAVVI) and Azamat Pheskhov they are preparing a new product for release - the track “Wait, darling ...”, which already promises to be a hit.

Fans of Azamat have been waiting for the release of the composition for more than a year. The joint project of the artist with the author Elina Kuchmezova was conceived at the end of 2015, but only now it will be implemented. Why now? This is another surprise for fans:

“It all started with an acquaintance with Elina. She showed me a few songs written by her and for some reason it was “Wait, darling ...” I liked more than others.

The next year I wrote it down, and it remained there until today. I myself didn’t understand why I wasn’t letting her out. But apparently, everything has its time! Now the right moment has come - I decided to shoot a new video and chose this particular composition!” says Azamat.

The release date of the new video has been announced - we can watch it on the last day of winter - February 28. But we’ll hear the song the other day ...