"Gave Life" - David Divad dedicated a new song to his mother

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The soulful, melodic composition "Gave Life" is a musical gift that David Divad addressed to my mom on her birthday. Of course, in her face, he also dedicated this song to all mothers, putting into it kindness, gratitude and, of course, longing for his dear heart ...

David Divad
David Divad

“By the will of fate and by virtue of my profession, I am far from my homeland, parental home and family,” says David Divad, “but I always remember my loved ones.
In the life of each of us, mom is the most important person. No one will be as worried or happy for us as she is. I want to wish all mothers to always talk about their children with a smile. After all, the main thing for parents is to educate a decent person. I want our mothers to never be hurt for us. So that people, before committing any act, first of all think about their loved ones.
Of course, over the years, you understand more and more clearly that life is very difficult and incredibly difficult, but you always need to remember that you need to take care of your parents, and for their sake you should be good people. "

Listen and download the song "Gave Life" by David Divad


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