"The Last War" - the premiere of the single of the group "Buro 901"!

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Group "Buro 901" presented a song called "The Last War"

Initially, the composition was planned in English, but as a result of long-term work, which lasted about 4 years, it underwent a number of adjustments, and the language of performance was changed to Russian.

The author of words and music, frontman of "Buro 901" Evgeny Blinov spoke about the single and what else the band is preparing for their fans:

“The Last War” is an allegory that reflects the themes of my concern. Much has been written about this in the biblical Apocalypse ...
I am sincere in what I write and, if I manage to be heard, it is always a great joy.
In the coming months I plan to finish my long-standing work on the musical Return, a nostalgic story based on Shukshin's story, My Brother. The presentation of the project is already ready, where there is something to listen to and see, and in December the first author's announcement of the musical is planned, in the studio on Sretenka. "

We invite you to get acquainted with the single "The Last War" - the song is already available on digital services and on our website.

Listen and download the song Buro 901 "The Last War


Lyrics of Buro 901 “The Last War

Someday the war will end
Someday the war will end
The white tree will bloom
In the midst of crooked furrows
A maiden will rise from the ruins
Brighter than the stars

Someday good and evil will be separated
And love will never again be touched by sorrow
Chariot accelerated
And will not turn away
Circles in the cold glow
Ash and ice

And a scarlet star burns over the forest
An infrared star shines through the windows
Looks intently and viciously
Do not hide, do not blow out
Waits and knows ahead of time
Someday, someday, someday ...

Someday, someday
Where the path is ordered, into the darkness of the elements
Fly, fly big bird, precede me on the way
Why why? Someone has to go all this way
To end the last war, someday, someday ...

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