Material for publishing an article on the publisher's website

Now every official* performer and author can choose for himself what he wants to tell the readers of the news feed of the Zvuk-M Musical Publishing House. To do this, just fill out the form below and send the material to the editor.

What topics are of interest:

First of all - concerning your creative activity, announcements of upcoming performances, past concerts, released releases. Undoubtedly, your fans may be interested in events from your personal life, any experience gained, the results of trips and meetings. The details of how the video was filmed, what happened backstage at the concert, at which studio the track was recorded, and the like are of great interest to fans.

The main thing to understand is that by telling readers about yourself previously unknown details, you form a steady demand for your personal brand, increase your recognition as a public person, and promote your repertoire. More articles about you in the press - more fans - more streams and downloads.

Therefore, the proposed text should be as short as possible, contain facts, and be based on personal impressions and thoughts. We will edit your text and send it to your e-mail for approval. It will be published on the site only after your approval.

We are waiting for your publications!

* Having an agreement with the music publishing house "Zvuk-M". How to start cooperation with a publisher.


At least 100 characters. The presence of the verb in the subject is mandatory. Incorrect: Ivan Petrov in the Good Morning program Correct: Ivan Petrov took part in the Good Morning program on August 22

Tell us in detail what your news is about. The material should be interesting for the reader, which means that its content should contain facts and a description of the circumstances. Answer the following questions: when the event happened, what was it called, where did it happen, who were the participants. If it was participation in a TV program, write how the selection went, how you received an invitation, what was interesting on the set. If it was a concert, tell us how many people there were, who else took part, etc.

On it in the response letter you will receive a notification about the sent material, later - about the publication

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