Introducing the song and clip of Rasim Ibragimov - “Proud Heart”!

Premieres Introducing the song and video of Rasim Ibragimov - “Proud Heart”!

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It is said that chance meetings are not the most random thing in the world. But is it always like this? The answer to this question is in the clip. Rasima Ibragimova @rasim_ibragimov_singer for the song “Proud Heart”, which today is available for listening and downloading in all digital music stores.

“Sonia Murtazalieva wrote the words and music for this composition,” says Rasim, “and we recorded the track in Moscow, with the arranger Anatoly Kotov, who once gave the world the song“ Marjanja ”performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky. I like that the single “Proud Heart” came out so groovy, fiery, danceable. I hope those who hear it for the first time today will definitely like it. ”

The YouTube channel “Zvuk-M” is now available and the clip, shot by director Eldar Fersiev. Filming, according to the artist, was a lot of fun.

“We have a great team! In the role of the protagonist was filmed my nephew. It was his proud heart that could not melt even the beauty of the main character. The group of musicians accompanying me is the group of my son. He himself - for the keys.
We shot a video in Pyatigorsk, in several locations: on a lake, in a stable, in nature. Beautiful landscapes, warm atmosphere - all this is reflected in this video. I wish you all a pleasant viewing experience and I hope that our story will appeal to the audience, ”comments the artist.

We invite you to listen and download the song “Gordoe Heart” on our website, as well as watch and comment on the clip of Rasim Ibragimov!

Listen and download Rasim Ibragimov's song “Proud Heart”

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