Premiere of duet track and video - Karen Tuz and Chagunava "Not your game"

PremieresThe premiere of the duet track and video - Karen Ace and Chagunava "Not Your ...

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The release of the song "Not Your Game" - a joint single by a popular artist Karen Ace @karentuzmusic and singer Chagunava, as well as a clip for this composition.

The duet track artists wrote together. According to Karen, it all started with the fact that Ksenia sent him a demo of a future song, which he really liked, the artist added a verse, and as a result, “Not Your Game” was born.

Chagunava: “I was experiencing an emotional moment in my life, everything was very confused in my head, and I received the lines“ I'm not your game, the poles have changed ”and then my part was written line by line. I heard Karen's voice in the second verse and showed him the demo. And since in vocal terms we are emotionally suited to each other, in my opinion, we learned very well! "

After recording the song, it was decided to shoot a clip. The video was directed by Alina Veripya, who worked on clips from the Hands Up group, Stas Piekha, Irina Dubtsova, Sati Casanova and other famous performers. The idea for the video for the song “Not Your Game” was submitted by Karen. Then Alena Landis amended and entered as a screenwriter. As a result, the video turned out to be action-packed and exciting.

Recalling the process itself, Karen says:
“The shooting was generally easy, but not without surprises. On the day of filming with the participation of the main character, we had problems - she unexpectedly flew away on personal issues, and we had to find a replacement within two hours. The whole team was divided into groups and the search began among the hotel staff and vacationers. It was very difficult ... And only half an hour before filming I noticed one girl and showed it to the director. We talked with her, she agreed, and we continued. As a result, the actress did an excellent job with the task. "

The second main female role went to the performer herself.

Chagunava: When they told me that I need to sob and kill on camera, I was in a stupor. Because I did not know how it would turn out. But, as it turned out, the actress was sitting in me and waiting for her time, well, or I just threw out everything that had boiled in my heart and soul! ”

Karen Ace and Chagunava promise that this is not their last joint project and in the future a lot of surprises await their fans. Now we suggest you watch the video for the song “Not Your Game” and recall that the track itself is already available for listening and downloading.

Listen and download Karen Ace and Chagunava's song “Not Your Game”


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