Meet the new clip Alla Boychenko to the song "Maryam"!

The video dedicated to her parents, the singer, together with the company "Sound-M", released in support of album of the same name.

The video reveals the life story of a mountain girl named Maryam, against a background of colorful Caucasian nature. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from the original Balkarian dresses of the 9th century to the ancient household items of the highlanders.

All this was filmed and directed by Magomed Kumykov. The locations were the most beautiful places in the Hulamo-Bezengievsky district of Kabardino-Balkaria.

There, high in the mountains is the hut of the founder of Balkarian poetry and the founder of the literary Balkarian language, Kyazim Mechiyev, now existing as a museum. According to the plot of the video, the main character lived in it.

The most difficult shots were with dance numbers. The weather was very cold, because of which, as Alla said, I had to endure all sorts of inconveniences:
“It was incredibly cold! Approximately "-5" degrees, everyone was very cold. At the same time, for filming one of the scenes on the street, I had to take off my boots, as they did not fit the picture, and dance for a few rather long hours barefoot! In thin socks. Of course, it left an unpleasant imprint on my health, but we saved the shot! ”

On the set there were still many interesting and incidental situations, but we told you about it in past articles.

Now it’s time to see the result of this large-scale work - see the full version of Alia Boychenko’s Maryam clip. It is already available on our YouTube channel! So we are waiting for your ratings and comments!