Meet the bright new product in the world of Caucasian music - a new clip Angelica Nacheva for the song "Stolen happiness"!

This is a story about lost love, memories of which are still alive. Angelica, together with the director Arthur Kencheshaov, came up with an unusual plot in which people-birds, who had twisted their cozy nest, by virtue of life's circumstances, once left it. But sooner or later, the soul still pulls back, so whether you can return the past? Is there anything else waiting for you besides memories? ..

Petrucho studio has brought this story to life. Director Arthur Khasanov carefully selected suitable locations for filming. Part of the clip was shot in Spain. There the team faced difficulties - they were not allowed to enter the territory of several planned attractions with a camera. But instead they were filmed amazing sea views in Tarragona.

The second part of the story was filmed already in the Caucasus. For the performance of the role of the protagonist was invited a promising actor, model Murat Unezhev. Despite the rich experience of participation in the shooting, the role of the bird was new to him, but, having tried on huge wings for the first time, the artist plunged into his role, and the scenes with his participation were shot quickly.

Speaking of the song “Stolen Happiness,” Angelica Nacheva hopes that she will surely find a response in the hearts of the listeners: “This story is familiar to almost everyone who has ever been in love. Who found, lost, fought and lost, left love as an unread book, which will always be mentally returned ... ".

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