Do not miss the clip Sergey Leshchev "After you"!

On the YouTube channel “Zvuk-M”, a novelty from Sergey Leshchev is a music video for the song “After You”!

The picturesque landscapes of the nature of the Caucasus, bright footage of the performances of the artist with his team and, of course, love! In each step and in each movement of the hero of the video, his memories of the lost feeling are guessed ...

Director Dmitry Moskvitin and cameraman Viktor Spitsyn used several different locations for filming: from the mountains in Arkhyz and Dombay to the colorful plains of Stavropol.

“These are my favorite places,” comments Sergey, “we shot two days. And on the mountain that appears before the audience, in the fog through the wilds and thorns rose for two hours and a half. In general, it was very cool! Emotions over the edge! "

You can plunge into this atmosphere right now - watch the video “After you” on our website or on our youtube channel.