Premiere of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, the capital!"

Premieres Premiere of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, the capital!"

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A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"

A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"
A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"

On May 19, 2017 in Maykop, a large solo concert of the Caucasian pop star, Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, was held - author and performer Angelica Nacheva. Which gathered on the stage of the State Philharmonic of the Republic of Adygea famous artists and presented the audience an unforgettable musical show and many new songs!
The concert “Walk, the capital!” Is already available for viewing on the net, and we invite you to find out with us the details of that evening from Angelica herself ...

- Angelica, despite the fact that the concert took place 2 years ago, the memories and emotions that he left in your soul, as well as in the hearts of the audience, are probably alive. What was the most exciting moment that evening?

- The concert program had a lot of interesting duets, as well as songs that were first heard exactly during the performance in Maykop. So, the premiere of the tracks: “Golden Apples”, which we performed with Tatyana Tretyak; "Sweet" that I wrote for Artur Khalatova; our joint song with Sultan Hurricane - “Sunflower seeds”, but, probably, the most exciting was the performance of the song “Shluljegur kadzhe” (“Love is calling”).
The fact is that the first singer of this song, Tamara Rashidovna Nekhai, People's Artist of the Republic of Adygea, Honored Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, was present in the hall. I understood that I would not sing better than her, but it was a great honor for me that she allowed me to perform this song, which I have loved for many years. For a long time I carefully prepared this issue, attended master classes by Tamara Rashidovna herself, who now works as a vocal teacher. The song is very beautiful, but very complex.
During the performance, I knew that Tamara Rashidovna and her son were sitting in the hall and watched the concert, which took nearly an hour to complete, until the end. And as a result, she wrote me a flattering and inspiring review, stating that each work should be appreciated, and my today's success is the result of my hard work. It was very nice! I understand that maybe there were some flaws in the vocal plan, after all it was a live concert, there was a very difficult rehearsal, I was worried about how it would pass, but her assessment was very important for me, and her approval was very significant.

A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"
A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"

- You mentioned a hard rehearsal. I know that you approach the organization of concerts very scrupulously, this time were happy with the result?

- I am never one hundred percent satisfied. I myself am the main critic. As far as it was possible to make the performance beautiful, as I saw it, we tried and implemented. At the rehearsal, many nuances emerged that had to be decided right there, I was nervous, we all worried how everything would go, and how I could perform, despite all these “trials”. But by the beginning of the evening I pulled myself together and tuned in the right way. And although I always know where and what could be done better, I am pleased that the viewer is satisfied! This is the most important thing - the feedback from the public was very warm. I tried to make the concert as interesting as possible, trying to make every performance exciting, with its own story, surprises. The concept of the song was revealed through a bright screen saver, or choreographic staging, and several numbers by the participation of artists of various entertainment genres.

A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"
A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"

- It is interesting and noteworthy that you have provided even a children's program.

- Many concerts often come to my concerts. Knowing this, I prepared myself - invited from Krasnodar artists in the genre of mime, animation, actors in costume of life-size puppets, and artists on stilts. During the performance of the song “Walk, Capital!” it turned out a beautiful, noisy performance, and when she sang “Life is good,” we invited all the children to the stage, they danced with me. At this time, a friend handed them chocolates with my photos on a wrapper - in memory of the concert. Indeed, for many, he may have been the first in his life, such as for my niece, who held my hand throughout the song. I wanted the guys to remember this evening, to be bright, cheerful and joyful.

A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"
A video version of the concert of Angelica Nacheva "Walk, Capital!"

“I'm sure it happened!” But the audience, for sure, also remembered your outfits. Impressive costumes and trim elements. Are they all sewn to your design?

- Yes, the costumes were made specifically for the concert, my designer and I embodied our ideas in them to make the rooms more spectacular. There were some excesses - I remember when I was dressed in a dress for the song “Shlul'egur kajaje”, the fabric fell into the zipper, and we were in a hurry - there was little time for changing clothes, my friends helped me change clothes, and now, we have this dress tore up! We are in a slight panic, there is no time at all. I still have to put on the top layer ... I had to shout to the host to entertain the people for another minute, urgently darn my outfit right on me and finish the training with lightning speed. Of course, in such situations, excitement and nerves are at the limit. Especially - before a difficult performance, as in this case. But, thanks to the support of the whole team, we managed.
The outfit in which I started the last block deserves special admiration - a blue suit trimmed with bronze fittings. It was made by Asya Eutykh - the only gunsmith in the world who makes traditional weapons and jewelry, storing and using ancient technologies. So, it was very nice when, after my performance, she went up to the stage, congratulated me and said: “Something is not enough for your image ...”, and then presented me with a hand-made slave bracelet. Very beautiful decoration and a pleasant surprise!
I want to say thanks to everyone who took part in the organization, the staging of the concert, the artists who performed my songs that evening, and the audience for their love and support!

- Angelica, thank you for sharing with us memories, impressions and vivid details!

We remind our readers that all the songs that were performed at the concert are available for listening and downloading on digital platforms, and also we offer to watch the video version of the concert “Walk, Capital!” Right now!

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