Angelica Akhmedova released the video "Fellow travelers"

On the YouTube channel of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" a new video clip of the singer has been released Angelica Akhmedova - for the song "Fellow travelers", presented in the album "Love Poison" last April.

Watch the video clip of Angelica Akhmedova "Fellow travelers"

A bright summer video that takes viewers from locations against the background of the capital’s sights to the picturesque landscapes of the desert and a blooming field, vividly shows the audience that the heroine of the song owns the whole world in which she flies like a bird, enjoying her freedom.

Angelika Akhmedova
Angelika Akhmedova

“The track begins with the words“ phrases are contagions ”- that is, empty words that are not supported by actions are worthless. If you are not accepted the way you are, it is better to leave and be free. It so happened that during the filming we got a clip symbol - a dove. He accidentally got into the frame, but the director and I decided to leave him as the personification of the desire for will. My heroine runs the whole video away from the golden cage and at the end of the video gets the long-awaited freedom, ”the singer comments.

The film was shot by popular director, cameraman and music video director Alexander Syutkin, behind whom are thousands of clips created for Russian and foreign artists (including: Lady Gaga, Era Estrefi, Rihanna).
“Thank you very much Sasha for this work! - says Angelica, - and special thanks to the whole team for the professional training and organization of the shooting. Now I plan to release a video version for the song "Freedom" - this is the English version of "Fellow travelers", it is also present in the album "Love Poison", it sounds very nice. I advise my listeners to listen to her too. "

Listen and download the album “Love Poison” by Angelika Ahmedova


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