Premiere of Alina Musieva’s new single “Mirror”!

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Is it possible to hide emotions that overwhelm the heart if your eyes give you out? If feelings cause such shocks that even in the mirror you no longer recognize yourself? .. Alina Musiyeva's new track @alinamusieva_official The “mirror” is like a cry from a wounded soul that has lost a piece of itself and is trying in vain to find a reflection, which it is used to ...

Alina Musieva
Alina Musieva

“This song was written by Grigory Stadnik. The moment he showed it to me, I immediately felt that this was my song - it was so close to me in spirit,” says Alina, “it reflects the state of loss, fear, disappointment and pain. I am sure that this is familiar to many, because love is not always fabulously happy. But this is life, new experiences, new lessons. All this changes you somewhere in your soul, but is reflected even in your eyes. It’s not easy to go through this, but you have to accept it. After all, you will never be the same again.”

We invite you to listen and download the song “The Mirror” right now and remind you that the composition is available in all digital shop windows!

Listen and download Alina Musiyeva's song “The Mirror”


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