Sergey Zeynalyan presented a new video “Malo”

Fans were looking forward to the release of a new song. Sergey Zeynalyan - "Little", which he recently announced on his social networks. At the same time, the artist promised the audience that the premiere would take place together with the release of the video for this composition, and he kept his word! A beautiful, romantic video telling a sad story about a departed love is already available for viewing.

Listen and download the song by Sergey Zeynalyan “Little”


About the “Little” track and shooting a video

- Sergey, congratulations on the premiere! All day today it was very difficult to contact you, were there many calls? What kind of feedback does the premiere get?

- Thanks! Yes, my phone still does not go off for a second. We constantly receive notifications about reposts, messages, congratulations. Everyone really likes it, everyone is happy, they write about it, they call. It is very nice!

- They probably can't wait to see the video ... But first, tell us about the composition itself. Who wrote it?

- We created this song together with the author and composer from Yerevan - Arman Antonyan. His music, but our words. A story familiar to many, about how little love is sometimes for a full-fledged relationship, because of which two hearts always suffer. This is what we showed in the video.

- Who wrote the script for him?

- The video was directed by Harut Tevosyan. We had a bunch of ideas in our heads that we worked through together. As a result, we settled on one, we liked it more - we wanted to touch the hearts of people, so that it would be interesting for them to watch it, listen to it ...

- The video was filmed in Pyatigorsk, several locations and a team of actors were involved. Did it take a lot of time and effort?

- We filmed for three days, and the second in general - the whole day, from 8 to 8 in the morning. Previously, a casting was held, at which the artists were selected. How the guys coped with their roles is up to the audience, but we were satisfied with the work of the whole team.

- Who played the main character of the video?

- This is my friend, a professional choreographer from Baku Svetlana Yusupova.

- You had to act out serious feelings and experiences and all this - with your eyes, glances, gestures. It was difficult to?

- Since this is my first such serious acting job, it really was not easy. But I tried very hard. We have been friends with Sveta for a long time, so there were no awkwardness or clamps. We quickly got used to our roles, everything went well.

- Yes, the video turned out to be very beautiful, emotional. Largely thanks to the song, of course. What would you like to say to fans on the day of the premiere?

- I want to thank everyone for their patience and love for my work! I am sure that in the new project everyone will see something of their own: someone will appreciate the track, someone will play the actors, someone the plot, but the main thing is that you like it! So that your souls sing in unison with my ...

- Thank you, Sergey!

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