The premiere of the track! AZIRA "I do not like"

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The second single of the singer AZIRA was released.

The song called “I don't like” became a new joint project of the artist with a musician Gilani Stadnikwith whom they worked on debut composition of the performer - "All for you".

The sudden acquaintance of two creative people turned into a promising tandem, the fruit of which were spiritual compositions.

“We met Azira when I came to the studio to visit my friend, a talented author and performer Shami, Gilani recalls, “there I saw a modest girl who helped him with backing vocals. We started talking and somehow immediately energetically agreed with her, it turned out that our views on music and

creativity is very similar. I listened to one of her demo recordings and I really liked it. Shami had just offered his song, and it turned out that everything came together one by one. Then we decided that we wanted to cooperate, to do something in common, something big. Now we are making the music we want. Our creativity is a realization, an outlet for which a person breathes. We do not calculate neither the audience nor the format, we just do what the soul is about! ”

After the release of the tracks, the guys decided that they wanted to release an album. The premiere of his plan should take place closer to the New Year.

The second single of the singer AZIRA has been released
The second single of the singer AZIRA has been released

“First we will present 4 singles. There are also plans to shoot several video clips. And along the way, the material for the album has already been selected, so we are working, rehearsing, making arrangements, recording vocals,” says Stadnik.

The album will be called “Looking for the Sun,” named after the title track. It will include compositions written by Shami, Gilani Stadnik and Elena Sizova. In the meantime, you can listen to Azira’s new song, which will definitely be included in the album, “I Don’t Love.”

The track is available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex Music.

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