A vivid and memorable event was the presentation of the new Fedosa album “Baluya”.

The event took place in a restaurant in the city of Essentuki.

Not only fans, but also close friends of the artist, stars of the Caucasian show business: Azamat Bishtov, Aydamir Mugu, Yaroslav Shcheklanov, Arsen Kushkhov, Alexander Tsopozidis, Albina Avetisova, Bisher Yerko, as well as those who help the singer in promoting his work: the team "LIFE Production" and representatives of the company "Zvuk-M".

The evening was full of pleasant surprises, fun and, of course, music. For guests, Fedos performed ten tracks from the new album, which, incidentally, each of the audience received later as a gift.

Answering journalists' questions about further creative plans, the artist said that he was already working on his second album, and was also preparing to shoot three new videos. In addition, in the near future, fans will expect two high-profile new duos, details of which are so far kept secret.

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