Albina и Fati Tsarikayevs present a new track - "Forgive him"!

This song sounds like a prayer for a loved one, who once had to let go. As the singers themselves say, they fell in love with this composition from the first notes, but it had to wait for a whole year ...

“When the author of words and music, Victoria Babaeva, sent us her demos a year ago,” says Fati, “we immediately liked this track, but as it turned out, she put it off for the singer Elena Vaenga. Later it became known that Vaenga performed only her own songs, and then the composition was immediately handed over to us. That's why I always say that this song probably should have been ours! Many of my friends and female fans say this is the anthem of a strong woman. Because you have to be really strong in order to love a person, with your head held high, to let him go. We must be able to forgive, because we are all imperfect, and besides God no one should decide who is worthy of what. Therefore, you need to be condescending to each other and not wish for evil, not keep it in your heart. In addition, there is also the "boomerang effect" - sooner or later, a person who has done mean things to you will always step on the same rake himself. So I try to forget some insults, reassuring myself that a person will someday be sure to realize why the same story happened to him ... ”.

You can listen and download the song “Forgive him” right now.

The track is already available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music. Beeline music, Yandex Music.