Rami Daroka "Uj-Hesh kafe" - premiere from "Kavkaz Music"

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"Thief" - a new track by Murat Tkhagalegov was released

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Presented a new author’s composition today Ramie daroka @rami_daroka - “Uj-Hash Kafe” (“Kabardian Circular Dance”). According to the performer, the idea of ​​creating the track came to him when he first saw the performance of the Naltsuk ensemble.

Ramie daroka
Ramie daroka

“The basis of my composition was the well-known“ Tenjiz Naib kafe ”, to which the dancers then performed the dance“ Uj-hash ”. This performance inspired me to create new music that would make it possible to dance both uj and jagu kafu. Familiar motives, modern rhythmic interpretation - all this awakens the desire to dance from the first seconds of this composition.
I want to express my gratitude to the people who took part in the creation of this single - Anzor Uvizh (wind instruments), Azamat Bekov and Svetlana Urusova (vocals), Eldar Bayramakayev (violin), Dmitry Kachlaev (doul) and, of course, thanks for the idea of ​​creating To the choreographer of the Naltsuk ensemble - Ruslan Borsov! "
We invite you to get acquainted with the composition of Rami Daroka "Uj-Hash Kafe"!

Listen and download Ramie Darok’s track “Uj-Hash Kafe”


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