Release of Kavkaz Music: Premiere of the mini-album by Nata Sozaeva "Malkarymda Toy"!

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“Malkarymda Toy” (“Wedding in Balkaria”) - the first album of a famous singer Nata Sozaeva @natu_sozaeva. The EP includes four compositions in the Russian and Balkar languages, including the author's “Inarla” (“Chastushka”).

Nata Sozaeva
Nata Sozaeva

“I worked on this album for a very long time, with interruptions. Up to a certain point, creativity for me was more of my inner passion, but this is definitely love! Love that manifests itself in everything. And it is spoken about in my songs. Love for the homeland, for your people, for customs. And dancing (toy) is more of a holiday that accompanies the most joyful events, such as the birth of a new family and the appearance of a baby. I am very pleased that these traditions and customs are observed by my Balkar people and other peoples of the Caucasus. Much impoverishes us, and this cannot please, because we are like one big family, speaking the same language - the language of dance and music. Therefore, in the future I plan to record songs in different languages ​​of the peoples of the Caucasus, - Natu shared.

We invite you to get acquainted with the album "Malkarymda Toy" right now - for listening and downloading it is available on our website and on all digital music platforms.

Listen and download Nata Sozayeva's album “Malkarymda Toy”


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