Ruslan Abdokov: “Sometimes, you don’t expect anything from a song at all, but she suddenly takes it and shoots it!”

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This year the famous arranger Ruslan Abdokov celebrates the fifth anniversary of the opening of its own recording studio - "RR Project Studio".

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A young and very talented specialist works with many Caucasian pop stars, increasingly taking part in the preparation of new tracks for artists of the sound publishing house Zvuk-M. We decided to talk with Ruslan and find out the details of this “kitchen”. How hits are born and what are the musical predictions for the next 10 years, read our interview.

— Ruslan, please tell us how it all began? How did you get into this field?

— My creativity began in childhood: I started playing the doula (popularly called the drum) at the age of 12. In general, the idea of ​​becoming an arranger originated with my older brother - he showed interest in this, but then followed in his father’s footsteps and abandoned his endeavors. At that moment I could not even imagine that I would ever work in this field. But one day our mutual friend, who was already an arranger, while visiting us, performed a club tune on a synthesizer. I was just passing by, heard it, stopped, and at that moment a desire was born in me to be able to do the same!

During the 3 years, I was at home, practically all day and night, learning how to make arrangements, to write music. There were also created the first pair of hits. After the release of several songs, people began to catch up with me, there were more customers, and then I realized that I was ready to “go out”, opened my studio. At that time I was 18 years old.

This year, well-known arranger Ruslan Abdokov celebrates the fifth anniversary of the opening of his own recording studio - “RR Project Studio”
This year, well-known arranger Ruslan Abdokov celebrates the fifth anniversary of the opening of his own recording studio - “RR Project Studio”

— Since then, you have already accumulated many joint projects with famous performers. Which one do you work with most often?

- There are really a lot of them. These are mainly: Rustam Nakhushev, Aidamir Eldarov, Islam Itlyashev, Aminat Napsheva, Aslan Kyatov, Kirsan Dubaev, and many others.

— Approximately how many songs per month do you have to make? Does it ever happen that your eyes become blurry and they all seem the same to you?

— I make about 15-20 compositions somewhere, and, strangely, they are all different! There are none that are alike.

— Which of your projects are you especially proud of?

— I think that I have been proud of the Enrasta project and the KhaliF project lately. I think this is a new level for both them and me.

— When you receive an order for a new song, how long do you have to wait for inspiration?

— Most often it happens that upon hearing a motive, an idea immediately comes to mind. But it also happened that I was returning home from the studio, trying to sleep, but suddenly some thought came, and I immediately got ready and went to the studio again - to embody a new idea!

— Has it ever happened that an artist didn’t like your work? What did you do in these cases?

- Sometimes it happens. With people who don’t know what they want. I call them “poorly educated,” but this does not happen with professional artists.

—Have you ever had to correct a project so as to please the customer, but at the same time you yourself no longer liked the song?

“And this happens, but I don’t think that I can’t impose something on a person.” I can offer my idea to the artist, but if he likes his own better, I am obliged to fulfill it, since he is the customer, and I am just the manufacturer.

— How often do you hear ideas that someone “stole” from someone else?

— This was not the case before, but in our time it is now “fashionable.” Now we have to deal with this too.

—Has it ever happened that you didn’t want to take on a job with a person you didn’t like? What did you do in this case?

- Yes, this also happens. Just so as not to offend such a customer, I say that I’m busy, but more often than not it turns out that way - I’m really busy.

—Have you ever wanted to do something yourself?

— After so much time being in this field, only recently I decided to try to sing. I've prepared a couple of songs, but haven't recorded anything yet. I am very self-critical of myself. I hope this goes away.

— What music, in your opinion, is more in demand on the Caucasian stage?

— I think these are national songs. Without them, the Caucasus is not the Caucasus. Although, almost all the artists have recently begun to perform, as it should be called correctly... “Caucasian chanson”.

— Is it possible to predict the appearance of a hit?

- This is such a difficult question... It happens that a person comes to you, starts singing the lyrics and that’s it - you confidently do this work, knowing that it will be a hit! And sometimes you don’t expect anything from this song at all, you don’t even suspect it, but suddenly it just takes off and “shoots”! It also depends on how you present it to the listeners.

— What are your predictions about what the public in the Caucasus will listen to in the next 10 years?

— Our audience will be divided by age: older people will listen to national songs and chanson, and young people will listen to the “new school” - these are all hip-hop performers. Mostly songs about love.

— Ruslan, thank you very much for sharing with us the nuances of your work! Can you give any final advice to aspiring artists? What qualities do you need to have to succeed in the music industry?

“You have to be patient and strive for everything, then you will definitely reach a great level!”

We suggest you listen to several tracks, the arrangement to which was made by Ruslan Abdokov and remind you that all of them are available for download.

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