Ruslan Dobry - Don't wait | Video premiere 2023

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Time and fate do not forgive the recalcitrant. Now they are in different parts of the universe, and love between them is impossible. Ruslan Dobry presented a video clip for the single "Don't Wait", full of determination and gloomy fatalism


Music and lyrics by Ruslan Iskanderov


Channel post date: 2023-08-10 20:00:09
Video length: 00:02:23
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV


  1. A beautiful song, she left a trace for me and left, she fled like a coward unreliable from the pain of her cowardice, I thought so in this, but I don’t need you forgive me, I made a mistake in you, while my beloved, thank you for leaving me, God thought up, thank him and love him. amen❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Tell me who ran away from you
    And why such a fog
    There are clouds and rain for a long time,
    You have the sun nearby, good.

    You do not sing garusnye songs,
    Do you really miss someone else
    Threat in the voice again
    She can't stop being inspired.



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