Ruslan Kaytmesov dedicated the song to his friends!

Ruslan Kaytmesov preparing to release a new song. He decided to dedicate a composition called “Male Friendship” to all his friends.

“I have long been interested in the topic of true male friendship. How strong she is, how strong she is, because this is a time-tested friendship. I collected information for a long time, watched, and now came the moment when I can express all this knowledge in a song. The author of Rimma Davydova, who wrote words and music, helped me bring the idea to life, ”said Ruslan.

According to the artist, the arrangement is almost ready, live instruments are registered, now it's up to the vocals.

“I like that in this song I can express my love, my gratitude to my friends. In this project, I have invested not only words and soul, but also for years carried love for my comrades. After all, the song, like male friendship, will live for centuries! ”

We will be able to hear Ruslan Kaitmesov’s new track very soon, according to the artist, the composition will be released next week.