Ruslan Malaev "The Tramp" - premiere!

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Ruslan Malaev presented a video clip for the song "Tramp"

Last Saturday on the YouTube channel "Zvuk-M" there was a novelty from Ruslana Malaeva - a video for the song "Tramp". This is a story about a runaway bride who gave her heart to a desperate and madly in love hooligan who kidnapped her right from the wedding.

The clip, filmed by Petrucho studio, has already gained more than 82 views, and fans of the artist's work were eagerly awaiting the premiere of the single on digital platforms. And today the composition "Tramp" was published, becoming available for listening
on the largest music services. Ruslan Malaev told about how the project was born on the day of the premiere:

Ruslan Malaev
Ruslan Malaev

“A couple of months ago, dear Anzor Dzhabrailovich Haupa, a poet and composer with whom I have been working for a year, called me and asked me to come to the studio and record a demo version of his new song. As soon as I heard it, I immediately liked it so much that after the recording, already at home, I practically did not sleep all night, thinking that I wanted to keep it for myself. I was lucky: when we phoned in the morning, it turned out that the customer, for his own reasons, had to abandon the composition, and we immediately agreed that I could keep it for myself, continued working with a clear conscience and great pleasure!
Well, after we recorded the track, we thought about the video. Anzor called the music video director Artur Khasanov. It turned out that he had everything scheduled until September, but he still allocated time, and we met in Krasnodar, where the video was shot. Arthur is a very talented guy, a great professional. Literally on the go, he came up with a script, found actors, and the work went quickly, efficiently and successfully.
It was ordained by the Almighty for this song to remain with me, and I am very happy about that! Indeed, in many ways the image described in it is a reflection of myself. And then - our work will be assessed by you, dear listeners, viewers and subscribers! Hope you enjoy!"

Listen and download Ruslan Malaev's song "Tramp"


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