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A new composition performed by Ruslan Malaev - "Chaueishe" ("Wedding Rite") was published today.

Ruslan Malaev
Ruslan Malaev

“The song“ Chaueishe ”is sung about an ancient beautiful wedding ceremony, when the groom's friends with songs, joyful exclamations took him to the house of elders. The groom was returned to the house late at night, under cover of darkness. A group of friends and brothers walked with him. Two of them were with him inseparably as bodyguards. All this company chanted in chorus: "Chaue Mahue idoshezh" ("We are leading the groom"). The groom himself was in the center, so as not to be in sight. This guard was required in ancient times, when bringing the bride into the house was a very daring step. Today, escorting the groom is a ritual and evidence of friendship!
The young people approached the room where all the older families were waiting, except for the father and grandfather of the groom; after the young man was “forgiven,” he returned to the house. The eldest of the men was calling the groom. On the threshold of the room, a group of three people separated from the company of friends: the groom and two of his attendants. The toastmaster offered a bowl with a hoppy drink (mahsima), which was made from wheat grains and honey. The groom himself did not drink, the attendants did it for him. Usually, the older man announced three times that the groom was forgiven for his act and was allowed to return to the house and live with his family for the good of the family, ”Ruslan said.

Listen to the song “Schaueishe” on our website.

Listen and download the song of Ruslan Malayev "Schaueishe"


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