Ruslan Malaev "Turkish Coast" - premiere of the single and video

PremieresRuslan Malaev "Turkish Coast" - premiere of a single and a video

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In the middle of the cold autumn, it is so nice to plunge into the memories of summer and the hot sun for a short while ...

New song and video Ruslana Malaeva "Turkish Coast" will take you mentally to the shores of Turkey, where together with the artist you can walk along the picturesque streets of Istanbul, see the sights of the city and, of course, learn a new romantic story ...

Ruslan Malaev
Ruslan Malaev

“The author of the words and music for this composition is Timur Kitov, - says Ruslan, - this is a kind, positive song about rest, which I am pleased to share with the audience. I want her to give you warmth, a cheerful mood, please and energize!

The video for the track was filmed in Istanbul, exactly there, according to the director's idea Timur Chekhov, the main character accidentally meets his love ...

“It is indeed a very beautiful and noble city. There, antiquity borders on modernity: some places simply breathe history, while others are striking in their novelty. We wanted to show everything! Unfortunately, this is not possible. Therefore, we chose for the plot several locations of outstanding beauty and among them we played a meeting of the heroes of the song.

Istanbul. Ruslan Malaev's video "Turkish Coast"
Istanbul. Ruslan Malaev's video "Turkish Coast"

I want to thank for this project music publishing house "Zvuk-M", the author of the song Timur Kitov, the music video director who created this beauty, Timur Chekhov and, of course, the beautiful model Nadezhda Aleinikova, who played the main female role. I believe that the public will appreciate our work. I look forward to feedback and comments,” says Ruslan Malaev.

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