Ruslan Malaev. "I'm on a Yamaha"

Ruslan Malaev. "I'm on a Yamaha"

Ruslan Malaev

"I'm on a Yamaha"

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Beautiful, slim and desirable!
You are the biggest secret!
Under siege of rich men
Luxury cars.
And I'm on my motorcycle
I've been obsessed with you for a long time.
I know my princess
What are you waiting for me

And the heart roars like a motor
What the whole yard hears.

I'm on a Yamaha, and you're behind.
And with us the wind is just as crazy.
Hearts in pieces
From happiness
And passions
Well hello!
I am yours!
I'll take you away on a Yamaha
And you will get a star with your hand.
My reward
Be near
I'm staring

Forget business and problems
Helmets merge with neon.
Hold me tighter
We are in a sea of ​​lights!
The track and speed connected us,
Now you are my weightlessness.
It's time for us to forget others
They can't catch up with us!

And the heart roars like a motor
We fly above the mountains.

A new song by Ruslan Malaev has been released - “I’m on a Yamaha”