Today marks its 37-th birthday Nogai pop star - a popular singer Ruslan Yarikov, with the work of which the audience first met 17 years ago.

Ruslan, speaking with his wife Lena, has long won the love of fans of the Caucasian variety art. They love the duet not only for their repertoire, but also for their sincere emotions in performances, which they generously share with their audience.

But now Ruslan is a successful performer, but as a boy, he planned something completely different: “As a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor and told everyone that when I become a doctor, not a single sick person will remain, I will cure everyone!” the artist recalls with a smile.

Years passed, preferences in the profession changed, but Ruslan did not change his childhood dream - he treats people, but not just with medicines, but with music ... And looking back, he understands that he achieved exactly what he was striving for for his 37 years: “ I am almost always satisfied with what I have. True they say, thank you for what God has and will give what you lack ... ”

The artist is going to celebrate his birthday with his family and close friends.

For him, this holiday from childhood was special: “There was a tradition - on this day, my mother always baked Nogai Kalakai, pie and various delicious dishes. "Children gathered from all over the street, we played in the yard, and if there was snow, we went up a hill on the outskirts of the village."

Sharing these vivid memories, the singer realizes that he does not remember a single gift that was given to him. And all because they never had special significance for him, because the main thing is attention and care, and the most important gift you can ask from God: “I ask him for strong faith in the soul. After all, only a sincere believer can be truly happy. ”

We are happy to congratulate Ruslan Yarikov on his birthday and wish him prosperity, creative success, love and inspiration from the whole team of the Sound Publishing House “Zvuk-M”!