What can happen if you try to tame a free bird?

Of course, trouble. But the hero of the new song Ruslana Sobieva и Zarina Bugayeva went further - decided to tame two at once ...

The singers are preparing a new duet project called "White Bird". Ruslana Sobieva wrote it, the arrangement was Albert Abisalova, the harmonica solo was Kazbek Laliev.

A dynamic composition, against the laws of the genre, does not tell about the handsome prince, but about a two-faced deceiver. According to the girls, they had long planned to diversify the repertoire with such a song: “We wanted to sing not just about love, or friendship, or the Motherland, but to have some kind of unusual story. The one we have chosen is familiar to many. In the center of the plot is a love triangle: he loves her, speaks beautiful words, she is happy and believes that she has found her only one. But it turned out that he is a liar and thus deceives two girls at once ... ”, says Ruslana.

The beauties in this situation were not taken aback: “Girlfriends do not quarrel, they just joke around the guy, ironically warning him to be careful, because he himself can get into their networks ...”, Zarina says.

The premiere of the new track will take place in a month.

Now the girls are already thinking about what the video for this song will be. They say that there are a lot of ideas, but the dresses for the video are ready.