Ruslana Sobieva wrote a new song, which will be performed by Marina Gudiyeva

It's no secret that the popular Ossetian singer Ruslana Sobieva She is also a talented author of many songs that she creates not only for her repertoire, but also writes for other artists. This time, the new track of Ruslana will be performed by an aspiring singer - Marina Gudiyeva, who will soon present her first song.

Ruslana Sobieva
Ruslana Sobieva

“Once I planned to perform this song myself, but I put it off and put it off ... Apparently, it was intended for Marina. I know that for sure now. She conveys every word and every note exactly as I feel - the author. I am extremely happy about this, because it is very rare. I believe that the new composition will find a response in the hearts of the audience. The three of us: Azat Avetesyan (arranger), Marina Gudieva and I - put our soul into this work, ”Ruslana comments.

At this stage, the voice is already recorded. The song is under construction and will soon see the light.

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