I was so warmly received by the publisher that now I’ll definitely become a frequent guest in it!

While on a business trip, Ruslana, on the way from the capital of North Ossetia, took the opportunity to look into the office of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”.

During the meeting with the company's management, the parties discussed the financial and legal features of further cooperation in 2017, summed up the past year, including marketing issues related to the singer's album “Promise Me Love” released in 2016.

Ruslana Sobieva in the office of the publishing house "Sound-M"
Ruslana Sobieva in the office of the publishing house "Zvuk-M". In the photo: Mikhail Yugov, Ruslana Sobieva

12 album songs, some of which the singer sang along with Zarina Bugayeva, they certainly did not leave indifferent the connoisseurs of pop music of the North Caucasus, and all fans of sensual romantic compositions.

A grateful listener will undoubtedly find in his own songs most of his own, personal, associated with life memories that only he knows about.

Recognized merit Ruslana Sobieva - in the ability to create an unusual sense of involvement in the events and words of each piece, be it romantic and sad “My Girl”, an energetic and at the same time dreamy composition “Heart of a Goryanka” or “Long-Live Romance” performed in the classical genre of songs-reflections about love and feelings.

Shooting a new video of Ruslana very soon

In the nearest plans of the singer - shooting a video for the song "Where are you", which, in agreement with the publisher, are planned for the spring of 2017. The author of the words and music is Ruslana herself, and performs her traditional duet with many other songs by the singer with Zarina Bugayeva.

According to the conclusion of the expert council of a music publishing house, a certain potential is laid in the track, which a bright, memorable video can fully reveal.

Ruslana Sobieva Visits Zvuk-M Publishing House
The expert council of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” highly appreciates the potential of the future video. In the photo: Artur Egazarov, Ruslana Sobieva, Igor Mikhno, Anton Maluneev

According to Ruslana, the girls have already taken the liberty to begin work on the script for a new clip, have analyzed the likely places, props and entourage of future shootings.

The executive studio-contractor for filming the video has not yet been approved,” Ruslana noted, “but guarantees of financial support from the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, if they follow, will allow us to expand the likely list of candidates for this role, will provide an opportunity choose the best one presented in the North Caucasus.

For the future, the video is supposed to create a unique dance, under which the singers have already developed the design of dresses and accessories.

The clip will not leave anyone indifferent, Ruslana is sure. - If a person has ever loved or was loved, then this song and video is for him. Everyone, and especially girls, will be able to recognize themselves in the heroine of the clip.

At the end of the conversation, Ruslana promised to share with her fans all, even insignificant at first glance, details of the upcoming filming.

We will tell about other events in the life of the singer in the following articles about her and her work. Stay tuned for our updates on social networks and on this site.