Ruslana Sobieva

Name: Sobieva Ruslana Valerievna
Date of Birth: June 7, 1987
Place of Birth: Vladikavkaz
Education: higher legal
Musical education: Vladikavkaz School of Arts. V.A. Gergiev, conductor-choir department
Start a music career: November 2004, XNUMX
Albums: "Promise me love"
Life motto: “Live, believe, pray and never give up!”
Ruslana Sobieva: “Music is, of course, a part of me, a part of my life. Sometimes salvation. Just like for many people. And, of course, music for me personally is a way to express myself and leave my mark on the souls and hearts of other people. And in general, it’s impossible to live without music, as Muslim Magomayev’s song says: “without music there is melancholy” ... "

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Biography of Ruslana Sobieva

Ruslana Sobieva was born in Vladikavkaz on June 7, 1987. She grew up in a family where everyone loves to sing, and therefore from childhood she was involved in the magical world of music.

When the girl was 7 years old, her parents sent her to learn to play the piano, following her older sister. Now she recalls with a smile how difficult it was to constantly study and learn scales, although at that time she only wanted to play with friends, run, draw. But responsibility and enviable perseverance made her spend all her free time at the instrument.

Subsequently, the future singer graduated from a music school and the Vladikavkaz Art School named after I. V.A. Gergieva (conductor-choral department).

Ruslana's works and years of studying music were not in vain. The exact goal was born in my soul - to become an artist. And the girl entered the stage at the age of 18. This exciting moment still remains one of the most important for her in life. By the way, according to the singer, she is still worried every time before the performance.

Ruslana Sobieva herself writes words and music, drawing inspiration from everything that she observes in her life and the lives of her friends. Happy and sad stories turn into lines that subsequently resonate in the hearts of listeners.

The general public recognized the name of Ruslana Sobieva in 2016, when she wrote the song "I Love You" and performed it as a duet with Zarina Bugaeva. It was this composition that brought the performers overwhelming success! They started talking about, their track appeared on the radio, and this inspired even more fruitful work.

In Italy, in Florence, Ruslana and Zarina shot a beautiful video for "I Love You", and on October 30 in the capital, at the "Stars of the East FM" concert (niperlink: -bugaeva-na-koncerte-zvezdy-vostok-fm.html) performed this composition to warm applause from the audience.

This year a new duet was released with Zarina Bugaeva - "White Bird", as well as Ruslana’s debut album, “Promise Me Love.” It included 12 tracks, including several duets.

In 2017, the artist, together with Zarina Bugaeva, presented several more joint compositions, the words and music for which were written by Ruslana. Among them - song "At gunpoint", and also - "Where are you", which was also filmed:

Ruslana Sobieva is also actively working as an author and has written many wonderful songs for her stage colleagues. Alan Muzaev, Nana Tabilova, Angelika Akhmedova, Elan, Marina Gudieva - the list of performers Ruslana works with is constantly growing.

2018 brought Ruslana a new victory - in Kaspiysk the Music Award "Silver Jug 2018"where every year talented creative people from different republics of the North Caucasus compete for the title of the best. Ruslana Sobieva and Zarina Bugaeva won there in the nomination "The Best Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania"!

In the same year, the artist presented a new duet track, which was also very popular with listeners - “Señorita”.

Continuing to collaborate with Caucasian stars not only as an author, but also as a performer, Ruslana Sobieva recorded a duet with Alan Muzaev - “I Breathe You.”

And yet, on stage, the artist not only sings, but sometimes also plays in theatrical performances. Ruslana made her debut in the play "About Fedot the Archer, a Daring Good Man", which was staged in the Vladikavkaz "House of Cinema" as part of the creative project "Theater without a Stage". Singer performed the role of the Princess and was very pleased with the new experience... The audience, judging by the reviews, also liked the production.

In 2019, one of the main premieres in the work of Ruslana Sobieva was release of the song and video "Melody of Love" - a new joint project with Zarina Bugaeva.

In addition to writing and performing songs, the artist also enjoys drawing, dancing, reading and cooking. By the way, she considers the creation of home comfort in her own family to be the main peak that a woman should achieve: to be a good wife and mother. Well, if Ruslana has planned something, then it will definitely come true! After all, as the singer says, the main thing is to work, believe, dream, set goals, not give up, go forward, overcome difficulties, work on yourself and everything will work out!

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