Rustam Nakhushev - Don't be sorry | Video premiere 2023

Video clips. Music of the CaucasusRustam Nakhushev - Don't be sorry | Video premiere 2023

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“He stubbornly tears the heart strings in your soul. It’s not worth knowing him anymore: he won’t come again. You, erasing your memory, forget about him forever, these days that we had together will never come back..."

Meet the video for Rustam Nakhushev’s new hit - the song “Don’t Regret” - about female pride, the ability to forgive and forget, to move towards a new future with your head held high. Manufactured by "OCTAVA PRODUCTION". Directed by Timur Chekhov.



Channel post date: 2023-04-14 19:00:12
Video length: 00:03:10
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV


  1. Recently, Russian performers are more and more like drug addicts. Outwardly, in clothes and in the manner of lowing. There is a man here, obviously not Russian, but it is pleasant to look at and the speech is articulate. Good song.


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