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At a meeting with the correspondent of the company "Zvuk-M" artist answered questions about his personal life, summed up the past 2021 and spoke about further creative plans

- Hello Rustam. Each new year brings a number of changes to people's lives. Let's talk about what changes in your life were in the past year, and what do you expect from the coming year?

- Hello Victoria. The last time we met was in 2021, which means, purely mathematically, we have not seen each other for a whole year. (laughing), there is definitely something to discuss. Let's talk. In our conversation, I will summarize for myself and talk about upcoming plans.

- Perhaps, I'll start with a question that interests not only me, but also your fans. Rustam, during this year there have been significant changes in your appearance, what influenced? Could it be love?

- Yes, indeed, over the year I have outwardly changed dramatically. Unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, I have not yet met love. My image began to change due to the fact that I pulled myself together and lost weight. I have lost over 30 kilograms in a year. I was not happy with how I looked, how I felt. I'm tired of being overweight. I'm comfortable now.

- Did your external changes somehow influence your creativity?

- One hundred percent. For example, on stage I began to feel more relaxed and confident. It just became easier for me to breathe.

- You have recorded a lot of songs this year. As far as I know, in the last two months of the outgoing year alone, you have released more than ten tracks. Where does such efficiency come from?

- Yes, everything is simple. Pandemic. Elementary - I missed work. During the lockdown, there was a reboot and a reassessment of values. He worked a lot, recorded songs. During this time, a lot of material has accumulated, and I managed to release all the songs by the end of the year.

- And what did you mean when you talked about the revaluation of values?

- This is about the attitude towards everyone and everything, including the attitude towards finances. Let me give you an example - I started building a house for my mother.

- Don't you think that the past year was the most intense in terms of creativity and emotion?

- Yes that's right. The best year ever. Since 2018, I have been walking towards this result. A lot of work has been done and I am grateful to my family for the support, and the team with which we reached a new level!

- With such support and team, how will you, Rustam, please your fans in the coming year?

- New tracks will be released at the end of January. In February, work is planned in the studio and recording of new video clips. We have started preparing concert tours that will take place in spring and autumn in Russian cities. I still have a lot of ideas and plans, but let's talk about that next time.

- Your reboot really yielded great results! I wish you that the next one takes place only on the sandy shore of the ocean. Don't forget to rest. Thank you for the conversation and see you soon!

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