Heroes of the new release of the show "City" on TV channel "Arkhyz 24" steel performer Rustam Nakhushev @ r.nahushev and clipmaker Artur Khasanovrecently presented clip for the song "Adiyuh", released with the support of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M".

The entire program was devoted to the output of the video, vividly introducing the legend of the beauty Adiyukh, familiar to all Caucasians since childhood. The presenters introduced the audience also with the arranger of the song Renat Pshmakhov and told that they themselves had put a lot of effort into working on this project. For example, Arthur Kenchesha brought a lot of ideas to the script, and Ruslan Kumukov brought them to life.

Details about costumes and household items, locations and the selection of actors - the whole kitchen behind the scenes, which is always as interesting as the clip itself, is waiting for you in the new release of the show. We offer everyone who has not yet had time to see him, watch the program right now!

Also great news for fans of the “Adiyukh” project - soon on YouTube channel KAVKAZ MUSIC There will be a new program, the heroes of which will also be the creators of the clip "Adiuh" They will not only tell you, but also show you how it was ... So stay tuned to the channel and do not miss the new program!


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