Rustam Nakhushev. "Turkish Coast"

Rustam Nakhushev. "Turkish Coast"

Rustam Nakhushev

"Turkish coast"

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The sky darkens, haze before my eyes
A steamship fades on the horizon
Allah, save me,” the old man prayed with tears.
My people have suffered enough!

The Turkish coast heard the cry of the people
As the Adyg cursed the arrival of the war:
“It’s easier for us to die for a handful of freedom
Why be expelled from your native land?

Allah, have you heard that our grief
They tried to wash the blood off the ground with rain
The sea was strewn with bodies
As a sign that there is no turning back

They are alien to the waves washed their feet
And don't let the tears dry
Snow with a soul of hope stood
Watching the departing ships