Rustam Nakhushev released a video clip for a new song - “I decided for two”

PremieresRustam Nakhushev has released a video clip for a new song - "I decided for two"

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New song and video presented Rustam Nakhushev - “I decided for two”

This is a composition about a forced separation, the words and music for which were written by Azamat Chukov.

Rustam Nakhushev
Rustam Nakhushev

“It’s always hard to say goodbye to feelings; such pain is felt at the physical level. Everyone who has experienced it will understand exactly what I’m singing about,” the artist comments, “but you need to be able to not only conquer, but also let go. A useful skill, although not the most pleasant.
Take care of love, but do not waste it. "

The story of a broken relationship formed the basis of a new video.

“This video is an illustration of the suffering experienced by the heroes of the song. It seems to me that we have coped with these roles. Thanks to everyone who took part in the filming for the atmosphere and excellent work.
I really hope you enjoy the clip! I'll be waiting for reviews. And we continue! There is still a lot of interesting things ahead…” says Rustam Nakhushev.

Listen and download Rustam Nakhushev's song "I decided for two"


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