Rustam NakhushevName: Nakhushev Rustam Robertovich
Date of Birth: 22 August 1995 year
Place of Birth: Khabez aul (KCR)
Education: secondary vocational
Musical education: graduated from the Vocal Music School (Nalchik)
Start a music career: 2013 year
Albums and singles: “Heart Hurts” (album), “Leaving Fate” (EP), “Your Look” (single), “Gypsy” (single), “Three Wishes” (EP), “The Quiet Sea Is Noisy” (single), “ Medley" (single)
Life motto: "Never betray your dream and go to your goal!"
R. Nakhushev: “Music for me is my whole life!”

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Rustam gravitated toward music from early childhood and developed in this direction, he independently mastered the harmonica, after that he began to attend a music school in vocal class, after school in 2013 he entered a music school in Maykop, and later transferred to a similar educational institution in Nalchik. In parallel with his studies, he was in search of his own style of performance, recorded songs and posted them on YouTube.

In 2015, new tracks appeared on social networks: “Blue-eyed”, “I took my heart”, “Where are you from”.

In 2017, he began cooperation with a rap artist Adler Kotzboy, the result of a joint annual cooperation was the release of the mini-album "Beyond the Horizon", as well as performances on the stages of Kabardino-Balkaria and the Adyghe Republic.

In 2018, the cooperation ended, Rustam began a solo career, the first solo song was "Sick of you". After the tracks “Friends”, “Heart is like ice” were released. And in the summer of 2018 a collection was released "Heart hurts" consisting of 10 compositions.

In 2019, he transferred to the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music in Moscow.

He participated in the TV show "City" on the channel "Arkhyz 24", where he talked about his work.

In 2020, Rustam released a new track "Sweet Poison", in 2021 Nakhushev's solo concert was held in Nalchik.

In 2022, he recorded new tracks that were posted on YouTube, clips were shot for the tracks. “Hearts are confused”, “New Adyuh”, “Night”, “Rain”, “Light as day, dark as night”, “And you on a date” have already gained popularity, which is growing every day.

Rustam's compositions are often heard on the Russian radio "Chanson". Rustam also gives live concerts, tours the cities of Russia.

In February 2022, he became a guest of Andrey Malakhov's program "Hi Andrew!", where he performed the song "Gypsy".

In his work, the artist touches on themes about life, betrayal,
love, about unrequited love, injustice, about the Motherland. Rustam Nakhushev has an audience of different ages, young boys, girls in love, and older people like his songs.

Rustam's personal life is not advertised, according to him: «Music for me is my whole life!”, at the moment there are plans for even greater development in the music industry.

The artist believes that personal life requires a lot of attention, and now he devotes all his attention and time to his career, creativity and his loved ones.

Interesting facts about Rustam:

  • Rustam Nakhushev has a creative pseudonym - Enrasta, under which he has already released and continues to release new tracks in a completely different style, and for a different audience. Enrasta is mastering rap culture, and has already attracted a fairly large audience with its creativity.
  • The singer works in different genres: chanson, pop, hip-hop, ethno-pop
  • It is believed that the composition "Scarlet Sunset" made Rustam famous and became a real hit.
  • As you know, Rustam's family did not immediately accept his passion for music and only his grandmother supported him in this endeavor.
  • In one of the interviews, the singer said that the main qualities that he appreciates in people are perseverance and courage.
  • The artist has his own motto -  "Never give up on a dream and go to your goal!",which, in principle, can be traced throughout his creative path.  
  • Rustam is very fond of meat dishes and even cooks well.

Now Rustam continues to work actively in the musical field, participates in television programs and holds concerts, performances, creates new and no less sonorous hits than the previous ones, surprising with new and new possibilities of his voice and perseverance in reaching great heights.

The talented singer Rustam Nakhushev is a vivid example of how you can and should achieve your goal.

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Rustam Nakhushev. "Youth"

Rustam Nakhushev. "Youth"

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