Happy Mother's Day!

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Today Russia celebrates a wonderful holiday - Mother's Day! And we sincerely congratulate all mothers and say thank you very much to them for life, love, care and affection!

Being a mother is the greatest happiness for a woman! Her true purpose and great joy. Not so long ago, the artists of our publishing house - Ilona Kesaeva и Zarina Bugaeva first learned the joy of motherhood, and we asked them to talk about how they feel in their new status ...

Ilona Kesaeva
Ilona Kesaeva

“Being a mother is the greatest happiness in a woman’s life. Looking at my child, I want to create, shine, flutter, enjoy every moment and every day thank God for such a gift! "


Zarina Bugaeva
Zarina Bugaeva

“Being a mom is happiness! It includes all aspects. Every woman must necessarily become a mother - this is our mission - to give a new life. No matter how difficult it is, no matter what difficulties a woman faces, everything is forgotten when you take your baby in your arms. It is impossible to convey in words, only to feel it. To everyone who does not yet have a child, I sincerely wish to know this happiness as soon as possible! And I wish all mothers good health in this difficult time! The kid needs a cheerful, energetic, sleepy mother to give him love and affection. "

Sincere confessions and kind words are also heard in beautiful songs dedicated to the most dear person on earth - mother. We have collected such compositions by Zvuk-M artists in a festive collection to give you a pleasant mood and once again remind you how important it is for our parents to be healthy, surrounded by love, to feel our warmth ...

In the face of our charming artists, we congratulate all mothers on this wonderful Day! We wish you to always feel loved, happy, needed and irreplaceable! Well-being and goodness to your families!

And as a musical gift - we give you a festive playlist! You can listen to it on our website and Yandex.Music.

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