Music publishing house "Zvuk-M" congratulates you on Children's Day

Today, on the first day of summer, World Children's Day is celebrated annually, designed to draw public attention to the situation of children around the world, the observance of their rights and the protection of their interests.

It largely depends on the younger generation in what world we will live in the future, and to bring up in children the main virtues, character, will, respect for ourselves, our family and the Motherland, to pass on the cultural heritage to children, take care of their health and education, give love , care and attention is our direct responsibility.

After all, children are the flowers of life. And today the warmest words are addressed to them and their parents!

Many popular Caucasian artists dedicated their songs to dear daughters and sons. We have collected these compositions for you in a special playlist, with heartfelt wishes of goodness and happiness to you and your children! Let joyful laughter always sound in the house, and let your soul be light, light and fun! Love, luck and health! Happy Holidays!