Happy Victory Day!

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Every year, with bated breath, with tears of joy, pain of loss and gratitude for the world, we celebrate May 9 - the Day of the Great Victory of our country over Nazi Germany

The strength of Russia lies in the courage and dedication of its sons and daughters. The heroic deeds of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers will never be forgotten as long as the memory of the terrible years of struggle and deprivation, the courage and bravery of soldiers and home front workers is alive. Fathers who stood up for the defense of the Motherland and their families; mothers who did not lose hope and faith, who kept what they had left after the heavy blow of a merciless war.

Thanks to the victory of these brave people, we now live in prosperity and tranquility, and the exploits of our veterans are an inspiring example for today's soldiers. We know that Russia is invincible and indestructible precisely because the heroes of the Great Patriotic War proved it to us. And the memory of those years will forever live in our hearts, ignite them and give hope for a peaceful future...

We sincerely congratulate you on May 9! We wish you and your loved ones good health and joy, warm smiles, a bright sky above your head, confidence in the future, stability and happiness! May our country and its people grow stronger and prosper!

On this festive day, we invite you to remember the songs of the war years, performed by Caucasian pop stars.

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