The most popular songs of artists "Zvuk-M", released this summer

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Kira Shine's video for the song "Three wishes" was released

Kira Shine presented a song about fairytale love and a video clip "Three wishes".

"At Dawn" - the premiere of the single and video by Rustam Nakhushev!

Rustam Nakhushev's new video for the song "At Dawn" has been released. Director Zelimkhan Dzhabrailov

Gevorg Martirosyan and Iskuhi Hovhannisyan - "Haves chunem"!

Introducing the duet Gevorg Martirosyan with Iskuhi Hovhannisyan with the song "Haves chunem" in Armenian

David Divad "Khash" - the premiere of the song!

David Divad presented a dance composition "Khash" that can brighten any Armenian holiday

ALISHKA: "How are you" - my first lyric song! "

Singer ALISHKA presented his first lyric single - "How are you".

"Thief" - a new track by Murat Tkhagalegov was released

Murat Tkhagalegov presented to the audience his new track "Thief" - about honor and dignity. The author of music and words Alibek Gegiev

Music Day is celebrated all over the world today. In honor of this, we have prepared for you a special playlist with the most popular Zvuk-M tracks this summer based on the results of listening on digital services.

So, in today's review, there were 10 bright summer novelties, which the listeners preferred.

Hit first Islam Itlyasheva "She loved roses." From the day it appeared on the window, the song has been confidently moving up the charts of the largest digital platforms, and clip on her has already collected 3 million views on YouTube.

In second place is the novelty from EGO - composition "Ay aman"... In it, the modern style resonates with the notes of national music. Fans of the artist's work highly appreciated this feature.

Single "You are gone" singer Murat Thagalegova in third place on our list.

On the fourth is the composition Rustam Nakhusheva "There is a wound in the heart", co-authored with Khalif.

The fifth place went to the duet Rustam Nakhusheva и Shamilya Kasheshova - "Everything changes".

For me, this duet is something new, interesting, and Rustam has not yet recorded songs in this style, Dagestan, let's say, ”Shamil said,“ I think the audience will appreciate our performance, because the whole project as a whole turned out to be excellent. ” !

In sixth place - new hit of Islam Itlyashev "On the nerves"written by Anna Kalaycheva. In the comments to the publication of the track on the artist's social network, fans wrote a lot about the fact that "the song will definitely go", and it really did, receiving many positive reviews.

Seventh place. And here composition called "Lovely eyes" by Reisan Magomedkerimov... A bright, summer dance track is sure to give you a good mood!

Song "Love with Ice" by Aydamir Eldarov ranked eighth on our list. This is a vital, emotionally rich and soul-touching composition written by Zaurbek Krym-Shamkhalov. Now they are actively working together, so soon other new songs by Aidamir are waiting for us.

On the ninth position, the single "For me you lit the stars" Eldara Agacheva... At the request of the audience, the artist recorded a remake of a song familiar to many.

Closing our list is another remake - "Oh, rose, rose" performed by Azamat Pheskhova... On the day of the premiere, the artist expressed the hope that the public would like the fresh version of the composition, and he was right - she liked it.

These are the results of the most frequent singles auditions presented this summer. artists "Zvuk-M"... If you are not already familiar with any of the tracks on the list, seize the moment - listen to the new playlist with summer hits!

We congratulate you on the Day of Music and wish you a great mood!

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