Happiness to smithereens. Azamat Tsavkilov released a video for the song "My Love"

ArtistsAzamat TsavkilovHappiness to smithereens. Azamat Tsavkilov released a video for the song "My Love"

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Parting is a tragedy familiar to almost everyone. Someone endures it steadfastly, someone falls into wild despair and anger. The happiness of the main characters of the video clip for the song "My Love" was shattered. Perhaps many in this dramatic story will recognize themselves ...

As conceived by the video director Temirkan Koshiev (Temirkosh) the main action in the video takes place in the gym, where the main character of the story is trying to drown out all the pain in his soul from parting with his beloved.

"Are you kidding me
Your words do not give me peace
Why did I decide that I would wait
What will I call, that we need to start again
Why do you climb into the soul through the pain
All your feelings don't matter
I already decided for myself
You and I are not destined"

Azamat Tsavkilov: “Often the listener perceives the song as personal, experienced by the artist himself, but this story is not about me”

Azamat Tsavkilov
Azamat Tsavkilov

“The script for the video for the song was so voluminous that it would have been enough for a short film, but everything has its limits, I had to reveal the story of the hero in four minutes. Work on the clip took only two days, as they say, in one breath.

This is not an autobiographical song, I just really liked it. Often the listener perceives the song as personal, experienced by the artist, but this story is not about me.
I like to try myself in different genres. My repertoire includes folklore works in my native language, opera parts, pop music. In the new single, they tried to combine several musical directions and genres, ”says Azamat Tsavkilov.

Temirkosh: “Azamat is a very talented artist who is a pleasure to work with”


“Death, separation, infidelity or betrayal are situations of loss. And the pain in these situations is as strong as in a physical injury. The more space in a person's life was occupied by what was lost, the greater the pain. When we merge with what is significant to us, we make it part of us, and breaking spiritual and emotional ties is at least painful. That's why all separations are accompanied by mental pain. The main character of the video clip “My Love” decides to transpose his experiences into physical exhaustion, and the sincerity and strength of the song performed at the same time enhances the effect of psychological self-purification and problem resolution.

The clip "My Love" was filmed in Nartkal and Nalchik. Filming ended only four days ago, that is, literally four days before the premiere, we started working on the clip. The shooting itself lasted exactly one day. Until the last thought not to shoot, but still decided. Because it is very important for me as an author to finish the material to the end, especially since Azamat is not only a vocalist, but also an actor. And, as it turned out, in the end we got a great opportunity to demonstrate the combination of two talents in one person.

I called Azamat Tsavkilov and our videographer Vasily Zaruba. We got together and decided how we can do it quickly, well and efficiently. We came to a common denominator and had a very productive day! After that, it took two days to prepare, and on the third day we were already filming. And on the fourth day, the installation was completed. And in my opinion it turned out well in such a short time.

The idea for the video is mine. Azamat is an artist in good physical shape, as we can see. We filmed shots in the gym at the Nartkala sports club "Olimp", for which we express our deep gratitude to them!

I want to say separately as a singer, musician, director and producer that Azamat is a very talented artist, with whom it is a pleasure to work. I already think how we will continue to surprise our listeners. Maybe even a duet….

Download a song: https://zvuk-m.com/LKSTS

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