We congratulate all Orthodox Christians on the bright holiday of Easter!

We congratulate all Orthodox Christians on the bright holiday of Easter!

On the day of Christ's Resurrection, we wish you well and happiness, prosperity and prosperity, health and joy to you and your families!

May the Lord protect you from all adversity, take away troubles and misfortunes from you, give peace, warmth, and love! Have a wonderful holiday!

Easter history

The sacred holiday of Easter appeared even before the birth of Jesus Christ. It was celebrated in honor of the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery. According to biblical tradition, the Jews were forcibly held in Egypt for 430 years until they were rescued by the prophet and founder of Judaism, Moses.

Once God appeared to Moses in the form of a blazing, but unburned bush. The Lord told the shepherd to come to the Egyptian lands and convince Pharaoh to let the Jews go. At the age of 80, the prophet appeared before the ruler of Egypt, but no matter how hard he tried to reason with Pharaoh, the Israelites remained in slavery. As punishment, the Lord sent ten plagues to Egypt: punishment with blood, an invasion of toads, an invasion of blood-sucking insects, punishment with dog flies, a pestilence of cattle, ulcers and abscesses, thunder and hail of fire, an invasion of locusts, Egyptian darkness and, finally, the death of the firstborn.

Neither toads, nor bloody rivers, nor fiery hailstorms frightened Pharaoh. Only the death of his own child forced the ruler to let the Jews go. The terrible punishment did not affect everyone: Moses warned the Israelites that the doors of houses should be marked with the blood of a one-year-old immaculate lamb, and the animal itself should be baked and eaten with the family. The Jewish houses, which carried out the order of Moses, were not touched by death.

When the Israelites approached the Red Sea, the water opened up and the Jews walked along the bottom.

After these events, the holiday of Passover appeared, it is also Easter, which literally translates from Hebrew as "passed, passed by." This is a direct reference to the passage of the Jews past the water on the bottom of the Red Sea.

Easter (Greek πσχα, Latin Pascha, Hebrew פסח [Pesaḥ]), the Resurrection of Christ (Greek Ἡ Ανστασις τοῦ Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ), the Bright Resurrection of Christ is the oldest and most important Christian holiday

Installed in honor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the center of all biblical history and the basis of all Christian teaching. In Orthodoxy, the status of Easter as the main holiday is reflected in the words "holidays are a holiday and a celebration of celebrations."

Currently, the date of Easter in each particular year is calculated according to the lunisolar calendar, which makes Easter a turning holiday.

The Hebrew word Peśah refers to the Jewish Passover. It is associated with the word paśach (Hebrew פסח - “passed, passed by”), which reminds us that the Most High passed the Jewish homes, destroying the firstborn of Egypt.

The Aramaic name of the holiday, which sounds like pisha, entered the Greek language, then passed into Latin and subsequently spread in the languages ​​of Europe: pâques (French), pascua (Spanish), Easter (Russian) and so on.

The Old Testament Passover was celebrated in memory of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian captivity, although the custom of celebrating Passover appeared in the era before the exodus and was originally associated with cattle breeding, and later with agriculture.

Among Christians, the name of the holiday has acquired a different interpretation - "the passage from death to life, from earth to heaven." As God freed the Jews from Egyptian slavery, so the Christian is freed from the slavery of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; thus the Old Testament Passover became the prototype of the Christian Passover.

Church celebration of Easter lasts 40 days in Orthodoxy and 50 days in Western Christianity.