Shooting the clip “Inimitable” by Arthur Khalatov

Artists Shooting the video "Inimitable" by Artur Khalatov

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Watch the solo concert of Artur Khalatov on video!

The full version of the concert of Artur Khalatov, who performed in Vladikavkaz in November 2019, was released on the YouTube channel "Sound-M"

Dibir Abaev “Father” - a new video!

We bring to your attention a video of the concert performance of Dibir Abaev with the song "Father".

Watch the video version of the online concert of Rustam Nakhushev!

The new online performance format gave viewers around the world the opportunity not only to hear their favorite songs performed by Rustam Nakhushev and get acquainted with the latest news, but also to chat with him live

A video version of the concert of the ensemble "Naltsuk" in Nalchik

Naltsuk is a regular participant in republican and city concerts in Kabardino-Balkaria. A team that represents the CBD beyond its borders, occupying a leading position in competitions and festivals. Introducing the video and photo of the concert dedicated to the band's XNUMXth anniversary.

Rustam Nakhushev Concert Video Version Released

We invite you to watch a video version of the solo concert of the popular Caucasian artist Rustam Nakhushev @ r.nahushev, who presented his first music program on November 11 on November 2019 in Nalchik. She...

Solo concert of Ilona Kesaeva is available for viewing

The magical atmosphere reigned at the solo concert of Ilona Kesaeva @ilona_kesaeva, held in Vladikavkaz this spring. Favorite songs, lively sound, pleasant musical surprises and exciting choreographic numbers ...

Arthur Khalatov was looking for his "Inimitable" for two days.

The shooting of a new clip by Arthur Khalatov for the song "Inimitable" took place in Sochi. As it turned out, it’s easy to find suitable locations for the “European picture”, and all kinds of vehicles involved in the story, but the main character is much more difficult ... As the director of the video, Arthur Hasanov (Petruchostudio), beautiful girls in Sochi model told There are a lot of agencies, but with the players - a problem.

Two days went casting for the main role, and only one out of twenty watched, was able to play the girl with a difficult character, which required the script. And, indeed, this role is not easy. After all, in the plot of the clip, the jealous woman notices that her lover, who is clearly passionate about something, began to disappear regularly somewhere and did not even answer calls.

What is there just does not occur? In addition to the obvious - the hero of the video was preparing a surprise for his beloved. But she already walks on his heels and watches his every step. What came out of this, we will know this fall. One thing is clear - a new incendiary love song and a clip for this song will appeal to lovers of intricate funny stories and pleasant dance music.

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