Today, fans of the works of the author and performer Sergei Doroshenko will hear a new composition in his performance - “From Your Smile”.

Listen and download Sergey Doroshenko’s song “From Your Smile”

Contrary to his rule of singing only author's songs, Sergei introduced the track, written Vasily Nekhocev.

Sergey Doroshenko
Sergey Doroshenko

“Usually I only work with my material and always refuse the offers of other authors,” comments Sergey, “but one fine morning I checked the mail and saw a letter from Vasily, which was accompanied by a demo. Something inside me answered: “listen!” And I listened to the track. This song suited me so much, under my mood, attitude to life and music, that it seemed to me as if I created it myself! Of course, I gladly agreed to execute it. The tracks of Nekhotsev are distinguished by their positive mood. I like it. Sad, snotty songs about who abandoned whom and how they suffer are not for me. ”

Sergey Doroshenko decided to devote a new composition to the beautiful half of humanity in order to bring new smiles on the girls' faces ...

“I am a very loving person and all the songs that I write are about love, including this song written by Vasily. Performing it, I think about how wonderful women still surround us! They give us warmth, affection, care and our precious smiles, in response to which we also smile and become happier. I dedicate this composition to all the women of the world! ”, The singer concluded.

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