Shamil Kasheshov presented a remake of the track "Free Will", as well as a video for this song

PremieresShamil Kasheshov presented a remake of the track "Free Will", as well as a video for ...

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Hero of a new song Shamilya Kasheshova - a vagabond and a bully who avoids the "suffering love trap"

"I am in love with freedom, you have no chance, dear ...", - sung in the composition, the words and music to which were written by Bekdurdy Baykeev.

Shamil Kasheshov
Shamil Kasheshov

“Perhaps the audience has already heard this track performed by Ilmurat Mukhametov and Zaretkhan,” says Shamil, “I made and present today a remake of this song, and I hope that my listeners will like the new sound and performance.
I think the image described here will be close to many, even I was once. But I am slowly moving away from him. But, although everything in the composition is exaggerated, I want to say one thing: in any case, people should feel at ease, within reason. It is very important to have personal space, not to stifle the “inner bully”. All goodness and spiritual freedom! "

Listen and download Shamil Kasheshov's song "Free Will"


For filming the video for the new track, Shamil and director Nuradin Satyrov ("Otava") chose a picturesque place on the outskirts of Pyatigorsk.

“What can better express the feeling of freedom than an incendiary lezginka? - says the artist, - together with the choreographic ensemble "Dagger", my friends, including my colleague Barni, we lit up with a new composition on the filming of the video! Watch the video and dance with us! "

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