Shamil Kasheshov presented the track “So be a dream”!

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New in the repertoire of a popular Caucasian artist Shamilya Kasheshova @shamil_kasheshov - the artist presented his version of the song "So be a dream."

Shamil Kasheshov
Shamil Kasheshov

“As soon as I heard this composition, I immediately fell in love with it, I wanted to perform it myself. It was written by the poet and composer Mikhail Nevezhin. I hope that in my performance the track will cause the listeners no less emotions than mine.
Now I am also working on other projects - I recently gave up several new songs for arrangements. I hope everyone will like it, ”says Shamil.

Listen to the single “So Be A Dream” on digital music venues and on our website.

Listen and download Shamil Kasheshov’s song “So Be a Dream”


Lyrics of Shamil Kasheshov's song “So be a dream”

So be a dream, so be a dream
My grass, my dew
Burn with a star, burn with a morning star.

Do not remember, do not remember
How we are with you, how we are with you,
They were considered, considered inseparable.

Let the boys and girls all with envy
When I walked along the street with you
They said look here, beauty
And with her a guy, he is so young and cheerful.

In the shadow of the branches, in the shadow of the branches
By the light of stars, by the light of stars
I said how good you are.

Your eyes, your eyes
Black as night, black as night
And tears, and tears like peas.

You whispered in your arms that we weren’t a couple,
I'm young and you're twenty-five
Let the boys and girls walk in pairs
And I do not need to be escorted.

And under the crown, and under the crown,
I went with another, I went with another
Both the past and the past are abandoned.

I didn’t think, I didn’t think
What is so sad, what is so sad
Like a guy, like a guy not supposed to.

But I was sad, even though the wedding was fun,
And the bride was sad
She said well, come to me my good one,
And waiting, waiting for me, waiting.

So be a dream, so be a dream
My grass, my dew
Burn with a star, burn with a morning star.

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