Shamil Kasheshov "broke the shackles" in the new single "I'm losing you"

PremieresShamil Kasheshov "broke the shackles" in the new single "I'm losing you"

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Meet the premiere of the video clip and the track "I'm losing you"

Regardless of the name of the song, the performer practically struggles with himself and with his foundations. In his song, he reveals a typical relationship between a man and a woman, where a woman tries to prove something to a man, without knowing what! But because of her beauty and epicness, he does not want to lose her! It seems that he wants to forget her and let her go, but universal love does not allow him to do this!

After listening to this track, every girl will dream of being loved in the same way ... regardless of her shortcomings.

Listen and download Shamil Kasheshov's song "I'm losing you"


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