Shamkhan Daldaev and Islam Sagov presented a song about the indestructible friendship of the Vainakhs

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A song was released on the verses of Tamara Kantaeva and music Amura Uspaeva about friendship between the Chechen and Ingush peoples

The song "Vainakhi" was presented by a duet of Caucasian performers - Shamkhan Daldaev and Islam Sagov

“We, the Vainakhs, are a united people
Our friendship has lived for centuries
We are one and our hearts
Like two strong wings of an eagle ... "

According to the legends that have come down to us, the legendary ancestor of the Vainakhs was named Kavkas. Even in time immemorial, his descendants settled in the territory from the Caucasus Mountains to the mouth of the Volga River. From the name of this cultural hero, the name of the Caucasians originated, with which the chronicles designated the ancestors of modern Chechens and Ingush. The ethnos of the Vainakhs, which are now Chechens and Ingush, has a centuries-old history of true brotherhood, mutual understanding and mutual assistance. This is what is sung in the song "Vainakhi".

Listen and download the song of Shamkhan Daldaev and Islam Sagov "Vainakhi"


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